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In order to enhance your production process, DEMAK can provide you with innovative control systems, and cutting-edge technologies to be integrated into the machines.

RCS (Ratio Control System)

The RCS, Ratio Control System, is an automatic control of the correct mixing ration between resin and hardener.

The system will ensure in real time that the mixing ratio between the two components is monitored and verified.

The machine is programmable to verify every 30 minutes or less, the correct working. Any anomaly will be immediately recognized by the diagnostic system and the operator will be immediately notified.


Possibility to store the process data into a database and to link them with product identification.
Possibility to communicate with other system (example tester) in order to share the process data.
The identification of the part to be cast can be done by DATAMATRIX, BAR CODES, RFID readers.


Required in order to have better adhesion in manufacturing processes.
By increasing surface tension of plastics and / or metals, it improves their wetting properties and therefore ensure long-lasting bonding properties.