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Since Demak always think about customers' needs, we developed the FomexOne line, in order to apply the FIPFG process (Formed in Place Foamed Gaskets). This technology has no limits of application and adhesion: on a flat or inclined surface, into a channel or between two sheets of material as adhesive component. To cover many possible applications Demak produces 3 different systems: FOMEXONE AS FLUID PU SYSTEMS to be cast into a groove. The Fluid Polyurethane is self levelling and therefore it spreads evenly along the whole pattern of the channel. FOMEXONE AS THIXOTROPIC PU SYSTEMS to be cast onto a flat and/or inclined surfaces. The Thixo Polyurethane foams steadily along the whole perimeter of the part to be sealed. FOMEXONE AS ADHESIVE PU SYSTEMS To be cast between two sheets as coupling gluing or onto the overlap of sheets as a sealing string. The adhesion is enhanced with material like:

  • glass on glass,
  • glass on painted surface metals,
  • glass on stainless steel,
  • plexiglass on painted surface metals,
  • plexiglass on stainless steel,
  • with no limits to other coupling solutions.
  • Cars and all motor vehicles are the perfect match for our FomexOne Technology as they need to be...[ + ]
  • The presence of foamed filters in the market is getting bigger and bigger. FomexOne gaskets are the...[ + ]
  • An additional contribution to the longlife of household appliances is represented by FomexOne...[ + ]
  • FomexOne gaskets are widely used in the lighting field where protection from many external agents...[ + ]
  • FomexOne gaskets make enclosure’s protective job more effective thanks to their sealing properties...[ + ]

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