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Sealing & Bonding

Solutions for adhesives and sealants

The Sealing & Bonding applications are quite popular around the world, that's way Demak developed a specific line for these applications. Sealing is the process of filling a complete mechanic or electronic assembly with thermo-setting two component epoxies, polyurethanes, polybu-tadienes, silicones modified resins. Bonding involves building a mold or frame around an object, e.g., wires, filling the space between the frame and the object with a thermosetting polyurethane, epoxy or silicone. In our machines, for these applications, we usually suggest Gear pumps, even if it's also possible to use Piston pumps sometimes.
These pumps are suggested for sealing applications requiring a continuous and homogeneous dispensing of the products. No reloading is needed.
With low viscosity products the gear pumps require the application of a dynamic mixer.
With high viscosity products it is possible to use a static mixer.
To avoid maintenance obligations and possible leaking due to the crystallization of isocyanates, DEMAK use a magnetic clutch.

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The innovative line to seal hermetically all those components that are constantly exposed to atmospheric agents, humidity, water, dust, grime and all chemical agents with lower breaking risk.

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