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Potting and Encapsulation

Metering and Mixing Systems

All the Demak metering and mixing systems are very precise, in fact the correct ratio among multi-components is the key-point to obtain the perfect final characteristics of the resin systems. In reason of the applications is necessary to use the right pump solution. In all the equipment made for the potting and encapsulating of an electronic component, Demak mainly use piston and gear pumps that can satisfy the most of requirements.

Demak propose 3 different kind of technology for the material treatment and dispensing:

  • The ASI Technology (Anti Settling Internal), a system with internal pumps to avoid any possible settling and allow an easy maintenance without unloading the tanks.
  • The ASE Technology (Anti Settling External), where the anti settling is always granted but the maintenance is even more fast thanks to the external pumps. With this kind of technology is possible to continue working also during the maintenance operations.
  • The CV Smart Technology, it’s the newest generation of machines developed by Demak. The equipment performs all the main characteristics of the other series and the Continuous Vacuum System is always a central factor for all our series. CV Smart equipment are studied to treat small quantity of material (from 21 lt to 70 lt) and to be very precise.

FomexOne: no limits included

The innovative line to seal hermetically all those components that are constantly exposed to atmospheric agents, humidity, water, dust, grime and all chemical agents with lower breaking risk.

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The importance of component’s insulation in the automotive sector. new and old challenges, trends and opportunities.