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The high versatility of FomexOne

FomexOne machines achieve really high quality and perfect results thanks to the precise operations carried out by every component of FomexOne equipment during each single working phase in the FIPFG process. From the pretreatment of the compounds to their final dispensing on the part to be sealed, nothing is "understimated". The perfect mixture of the components to be dispensed is obtained inside the new dynamic mixer. At the forefront of the mixing technology, it guarantees to get the best performances of the product by working in avery precise and clean way.

The FomexGraph software is a graphical vector software that allows to set up easily the dispensing programmes of the FomexOne machine for the realization of your FomexOne gaskets. FomexOne is the revolutionary, advanced technology that will help you to be innovative, modern and fast in meeting your customer's demands. In this application we use of course Gear Pumps, since the FIPFG process requires it. The Gear pumps are mainly used when we need to decrease the back-pressure of the products (i.e. foam materials).

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FomexOne: no limits included

The innovative line to seal hermetically all those components that are constantly exposed to atmospheric agents, humidity, water, dust, grime and all chemical agents with lower breaking risk.

All the challenges, trends, opportunities you should know

The importance of component’s insulation in the automotive sector. new and old challenges, trends and opportunities.