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DEMAK developed innovative polymer solutions for the encapsulation of LED light strips and LED in aluminum housing profiles. Taking advantage of the knowledge in the nanotechnologies we have developed special resins, outdoor resistant and with excellent light transmission features. For this specific application we are capable of supplying a turn-key solution, including resins and machines granting the possibility to encapsulate parts up to 10 meters long!
By using our technology it is possible to encapsulate LED and make them “outdoor & chemical resistant”. It is possible to obtain IP68 water proof LEDs according to IP rating.
DEMAK-LED successfully passed all tests proving that it can be suitable for internal as well as external applications. By encapsulating with our resin, LEDs will never face any problems of yellowing and ageing. There are different types of resins available, from very flexible up to rigid ones.
NEW! Demak patented a new technology which maintains the light temperature of the LED.

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  • Replacing the plastic or glass cover of a LED with the resin extends its durability and reliability...[ + ]

Our Solutions for LED Encapsulation