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FomexOne gaskets make enclosure’s protective job more effective thanks to their sealing properties.
They meet approval especially for electronic enclosures and electric cabinets as well as as the packaging field where foamed lids or caps guarantee the quality of the conatined product and prevent it from outflowing.


Metal enclosure painted and stainless steel: flush mounting distribution boards, surface and modular mounting distribution boards, floor mounting distribution boards. Water surface mounting distribution and automation boards, surface mounting distribution board and enclosure, flush mounting distribution board and enclosure, plastic surface watertight junction boxes, metal surface mounting watertight junction boxes, surface and fluch mounting watertight junction boxes. Push buttons, selectors and indicators. Special application is for the packaging market: plastic drum lid, tin drum lid.


Sealing for glass on distribution boards door (painted / stainless steel).
Sealing for plexiglass on distribution boards door.