Metering & Mixing Systems

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The correct ratio among multi-components is the key-point to obtain the perfect final characteristics of the resins system.
In reason of the applications is necessary to use the right pump solution.
We cannot tell you that one kind of pump is universally better than another, but one kind of pump is better than another due to the kind of resin and process.

DEMAK mainly use piston and gear pumps that can satisfy the most of requirements.
One of the main choice of the correct pump is in reason of the kind of mixer that will be used.

Choosing one pump rather than another mainly depends on the type of mixer to be used.

DEMAK Piston pumps are really precise and guarantee the perfect simultaneously arrival of the components to the mixing system.
The piston pumps grant the right ratio and can be used in presence of abrasive fillers.
These pumps are suggested when using static or dynamic mixers and are recommended for any dispensing under vacuum.


The Gear pumps are mainly used when we need to decrease the back-pressure of the products (i.e. foam materials).
These pumps are suggested for sealing applications requiring a continuous and homogeneous dispensing of the products. No reloading is needed.
With low viscosity products the gear pumps require the application of a dynamic mixer.
With high viscosity products it is possible to use a static mixer.
To avoid maintenance obligations and possible leaking due to the crystallization of isocyanates, DEMAK use a magnetic clutch.



The static mixer is the most effective mixer to avoid continuous and costly maintenance. This kind of mixing solution is the most suggested one for dispensing into vacuum chambers, because it avoids possible leaking and introduction of air.

Today, for some applications, it is also possible to use a “disposable mixer” that can preserve the environment, not using any cleaning solvent.

Main benefits:
Simple installation and cleaning Excellent reliability
Low maintenance



It combines the advantage of the static and dynamic mixers with solvent-free disposable solutions.

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of innovation in resins
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