Material pre-treatment systems

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Degassing System.

The Degassing System is indispensable to have the certainty of obtaining a resin free from bubbles and moisture.
In the specific case of loaded resins, degassing is particularly suitable as it allows to put the charges in su- spension, preventing them from accumulating on the bottom of the tank.

A worm screw system constantly keeps the product moving from the bottom of the tank to the top, forming a thin-film on the upper part (double lamination), where the vacuum easily takes off the humidity.
Such degassing system speeds up resin dehumidification. 

DEMAK offers a wide range of pre-treatment reservoir:
• TK 24 HSV;
• TK 40 HSV;
• TK 60 HSV;
• TK 117 HSV;
• TK 208 HSV;
• TK 280 HSV;

DEMAK offer a wide range of pre-treatment continuous vacuum reservoir:
• CV 7 ASI;
• CV 18 ASI;
• CV 24 ASI;
• CV 30 ASI
• CV 80 ASE;
• CV 100 ASE;
• CV 180 ASI;
• CV 200 ASE;
• CV 500 ASI;
• CV 600 ASE;

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