Vacuum casting / Injection

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Many applications require dispensing or injection in vacuum.
In order to extract each and every air bubble and moisture to force resins into all internal spaces of your part (especially into undercuts and windings), the dispensing has to be performed in vacuum.
An air bubble or a void in the resin can create a partial discharge between primary and secondary winding, compromising the performance and the lifetime of your product.
Another reason for avoiding bubbles is that they decrease the heat dissipation provided by the resin.
Therefore dispensing systems are equipped with vacuum chambers.
At DEMAK we can guarantee total absence of air into the resin (by means of efficient degassing systems) and also into your parts thanks to our Vacuum Chambers.



Vacuum Dispensing is absolutely needed for ignition coils, pencil coils, submersible motors, sensors and other applications where very high accuracy, quality, heat dissipation as well as extreme dielectric insulation characteristics are required.

Vacuum values inside the chamber can be adjusted according to the part to be cast (and according to the technical characteristics of the resin system).
Demak Vacuum Chambers are specifically engineered to reach values even lower than 1 mBar.

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