Material pre-treatment systems

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The Degassing System is indispensable to have the certainty of obtaining a resin free from bubbles and moisture.
In the specific case of loaded resins, degassing is particularly suitable as it allows to put the charges in suspension, preventing them from accumulating on the bottom of the tank.

A worm screw system constantly keeps the product moving from the bottom of the tank to the top, forming a thin-film on the upper part (double lamination), where the vacuum easily takes off the humidity.
Such degassing system speeds up resin dehumidification.



The tanks designed from DEMAK are provided with a Temperature Control System in order to create the optimum conditions of the viscosity of the product inside the tank before it reaches the mixing system.


For high productivity DEMAK recommend the use of the new technology “CV-Continuous Vacuum”.
With this technology the materials (resin and hardener) will be kept under vacuum and in agitation during the dosing process.
The advantage of this application is found in obtaining a perfectly homogenised resin product during the processing cycle.
It is important to ensure the constant specific weight of the resin in order to maintain the correct mixing ratio.
The CV also helps to maintain a constant and homogeneous the temperature of the two components.
The CV allows you to work 24/7 without interruptions due to the load of the products within its tanks.

DEMAK offers a wide range of pre-treatment reservoir:
• TK 24 HSV;
• TK 40 HSV;
• TK 60 HSV;
• TK 117 HSV;
• TK 208 HSV;
• TK 280 HSV;


DEMAK offer a wide range of pre-treatment continuous vacuum reservoir:
• CV 7 ASI;
• CV 18 ASI;
• CV 24 ASI;
• CV 55  ASI
• CV 80 ASE;
• CV 100 ASE;
• CV 180 ASI;
• CV 200 ASE;
• CV 500 ASI;
• CV 600 ASE;

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