Continuous vacuum

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For high productivity DEMAK recommend the use of the new technology “CV-Continuous Vacuum” with the followig characteristics:

  • Automatic loading of resin and hardener; automatic degassing (up to 0.2 mBar) with “Demak® Conti- nuous Vacuum System”.
  • Demak® thin film degassing system with new double extralarge plate to guarantee fast moisture extrac- tion.
  • No settling: continuous recirculation from the bottom to the top of the tank by an Archimedean screw.
  • Continuous Vacuum System: 24/7 non-stop working.
  • Automatic “worn pump gasket” alarm.
  • Tank level control through load cells to avoid any maintenance of level control plunged into the resin and catalyst.Servomotors let you control the resin flow speed in a very accurate way.
    Our product treatment system allows a continuous and constant homogenization of the fillers, avoiding settling anywhere in the process.Our CV system modularity allows you to add at any time robots, vacuum chambers, pre-heating and polymerization ovens, as well as automatic lines to the existing dosing unit.

New ASE SYSTEM (Anti Settling External) external pump system for fast and easy maintenance with NO unloading of the tanks.

Option of multiple motorized pumps to guarantee independent volumes.
CV 80 – 100 – 200 – 600 huge tanks capacity to guarantee 24/7 non-stop working.


The ASI SYSTEM (Anti Settling Internal) system with internal pumps avoids any possible settling and allows maintenance without unloading the tanks.
Single motorized pump system that guarantees high flow pressure.
CV 180 – 600 huge tanks capacity to guarantee 24/7 continuous working.

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