Resin for Sealing & Bonding

S.E. (SPECIAL ENGINES) develops and produces two components adhesive polyurethanes and epoxy resin.




• good tough and elastic properties;
• excellent strength;
• self levelling;
• thixotropic;
• outdoor and UV resistance;
• suitable for larger bonding areas;
• tension-equalizing.

DenominationHadness [ShoreD]ComponentsMaterial / BOND MaterialMain FeaturesApplications
SEPURBOND 001302KMlass / Metalfast curingWhen thick joint are needed. Automotive safety glass. Wndshield.
Shylight and roof windows. Suntunnels.
SEPURBOND 117702KThermoplastics ( ABS-PES- PA) / Plywood, painted metal.very fast curingWater proof sealing of washer machi- ne tops
SEPURBOND 125402KGlass / Alluminiumoutdoor UV resistante. Self LevellingInsulated glazing. Glass window panel.
SEPUR BD 001302KPlastic / PlasticLow temperature resitance (-50°C). Water proof sealing.Cables.
Low temperature water proof sealing. Junction box.
SEPOX BOND 200901KTo metals (especially greasy) / Thermosetting glass reinfor- ced polyesterheat curing.Structural adhesion. High mechanical features and strong adhesion ( better than spot welding).Automotive field: car door perimetral jbonding, back door.
SEPOX BOND 22040-702KPainted metal / PlasticTransaprent.
Low viscosity.
Adjustable final hardness (ac- cording to mixing ratio and used harderens).
Good electrical features.
Adapt general for parts mechanicaly highly stressable.
Supports with high therml expansion coefficient.

40 years

of innovation in resins
application techniques