Resin for Foam Gaskets (FIPFG)


FOMEXONE was born under the supervision of a competent and qualified chemists team.

In the laboratories of our system house S.E SPECIAL ENGINES s.r.l. we have developed FOMEXONE GST, the brand of specific polyurethane products for foamed gaskets. GST are polyurethane systems composed of two-components that are mixed together by FOMEXONE equipment in order to form the PU group that through the polymerization reaction changes its state from liquid to solid.

The passage from the liquid to solid (foam state) is named: FOMING.



• fluid;
• thixotropic
• self levelling;
• good compression set;
• flame exhinguishing compliant UL94-HFB;
• wide range hardness shore00;
• low asssembly force

DenominationChemical BaseViscosity @23°/ Foam Density [mPas]Hardness@23°C
[Shore 00]
Technical Characteristics Application Area
GST F001PU1000 / 0,335-45Low viscosity.Lighting
GST F002PU2000 / 0,3555-65Self-levelling
Good compression set High tightness.
Automotive lighting
GST F003PU2500 / 0,430-40Flame extinguishing UL94-HB listed.Lighting - Enclosure
GST F004PU1500 / 0,450-55Good compression setEnclosures
GST F005PU1500 / 0,2520-25Special antistatic formulaLighting
GST T001PU80000 / 0,335-45Good adhesion to many surfaces.Domestic appliances. Automotive.
GST T002PU60000 / 0,3540-50Good mechanical strength.Enclosure
GST T003PU6000 / 0,450-55Flame extinguishing UL94-V2 listed.Enclosure
GST T004PU90000 / 0,3555-65Good compression set.Domestic appliances. Automotive.
GST T005PU50000 / 0,2520-25Special antistatic formulaDomestic appliances. Automotive.

40 years

of innovation in resins
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