Potting & Encapsulating

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Due to continuous miniaturization of components and to the introduction of more and more electronics into everyday life, resin applications are increasing.Quality requirements for these products are always higher, and therefore the quality of resin dispensing machines must be increased as well. The resin system must be developed on purpose to optimize the process to be performed with dosing machines.
The equipment have to work more and more precisely, being at the same time extremely performing, fast and reliable both for standard and for mass production.DEMAK offers you a complete process, starting from the choice of the best resin to the most suitable equipment.Potting is the process of filling a complete mechanic or electronic assembly with thermo-setting two component epoxies, polyurethanes, poly-butadienes, silicones modified resins.
Usually the potting compound is poured into a plastic box or metal case, where the electronic unit is placed.
Encapsulation involves building a mold or frame around an object, e.g., wires, filling the space between the frame and the object with a thermo setting polyurethane, epoxy or silicone. The mold is usually removed after resin polymerization.
These processes are commonly employed in order to:
  • Protect from mechanical damage, resistance to vibrations and shocks
  • Protect engineering of proprietary products such as printed circuit boards (PCB)
  • Improve thermal dissipation which allows parts to be placed much closer together, so that the product can be smaller
  • Have Structural reinforcement
  • Increase mechanical stability
  • Electrical insulation
  • Improve behavior against flame ( UL 94 )

In few words, resins do increase the lifetime and functionality of the parts.

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