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 Since 1976 S.E. Special Engines S.r.l. is a leading system-house of advanced two-components Resin.
The main goal of S.E. Special Engines is to fulfil each Customers expectation as we develop customized products. S.E. provide continuous technical and processes assistance.
Being our resin in compliance with latest worldwide Norms and Directives concerning chemical products. We supply our resins with certifications and documents required by the final user as well as updates of legislations.
The Quality System of S.E. Special Engines is certified according to ISO 9001/2008 Norm. 





In our laboratories, a competent team of qualified chemists is dedicated to the development of resin formulations. All our resins are environmental friendly. SE formulate also customize compounds to fulfill any customer demand.



This is the outcome of our production process. In our Turin plant, forefront equipment – purposely engineered for processing of polymers and prepolymers – are capable of completely monitoring and tracing the production parameters.

In our laboratory we carry out several testing: simulation of environmental and life-time tests; mechanical characterization test; electrical tests; thermal analysis; material analysis.



Beside checking the chemical-physical parameters of the preparations, in our laboratories we also carry out further testing: simulation of environmental conditions, electrical tests, physical-mechanical analysis, application trials as well as specific tests on demand thus providing an additional service for a full customers satisfaction.

S.E. Laboratory Team can provide the best know-how in the process analysis, thanks to their competence and experience in the use of metering and mixing machines.
The chemical formulation is engineered to optimize the machine cycle and take advantage of the equipment performances.
Our Team will be your direct reference for chemicals matters, resulting in prompt answers and fast solutions.

40 years

of innovation in resins
application techniques